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Why don't I receive any e-mails from Doodle?

Last Updated: May 06, 2014 11:40PM CEST
There are two likely reasons why you don't receive Doodle mails: 1) You made a typo when you entered your mail address (we try to detect this but it is not always possible), 2) a spamfilter in your mail application or at your internet provider is not properly configured and wrongly flags Doodle mails as spam, 3) your e-mail account does automatically forward your e-mail to another address. In many cases forwarding is blocked by the e-mail server. Please use an e-mail address that doesn't automatically get forwarded.
If 1 is the case, you can simply retry with the correct mail address. If 2 is the case, you can check your mail filter and see if the Doodle mails are there. Then, you can reconfigure your spamfilter to not catch Doodle mails in the future. If nothing else helps, you can still try a different e-mail address.
In any case, please wait a few hours before you take any action. E-mail can be a very unreliable communication means. It is (seldom but) possible that an e-mail takes many minutes or even hours to be delivered.
Unfortunately, we cannot resend Doodle mails or Doodle links to you manually. This violates our policy which states that this information is to be treated as confidential and private.

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