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How to set up custom branding?

Using Premium Doodle Business/Enterprise you can brand your Doodle page (MeetMe and polls) with your own logo, banner(s), a background image or background color. Example here.

If you are using Premium Private you would need to upgrade to Premium Business for 1 or more users in order to brand Doodle (you would only pay the difference – your remaining active Premium Private subscription will be deducted from the new Premium Business subscription price).

The branding you set up in your Doodle account is shown in all your polls and on your MeetMe page. It is not possible to brand your polls and/or MeetMe page differently. Any branding change you are going to make will affect both new polls and existing Premium polls. If you need different branding (e. g. for different polls) you would need more than one Premium Business/Enterprise subscription.

Setting up the branding of Premium Doodle

Log in to your Doodle account and go to Manage Doodle account (1. on screenshot below).

Choose "Premium Doodle" from the navigation on the left (2.) and then "Branding" (3.).
Upload your logo, banners, etc. and click "Save" once you are finished.

Manage Doodle account / Premium Doodle / Branding
Branding Premium Doodle
Instead of using a large full-screen background image you can use a small one as a pattern. Simply upload the small background image and click "Tile background image".

Tile background image
If you upload a background image with transparency, remember to set the desired background color as well.

If you want to delete an image, click on the recycle bin icon.

delete an image

And remember to click "Save" once you are finished.

Branding example here. A full size background image, logo and the banner on top – landscape format – is used.

Image format/size

Use RGB, 72 dpi images and save them as png, jpg or gif. With png or gif you can use transparency.

The maximum size defines the full size available for the logo, banner(s) and background image. Be sure to scale the images to the according max. size before uploading them. Of course you can also use smaller ones.

Logo: maximum size 300 x 100 pixels, 1 MB
Banner on top (landscape format): maximum size 994 x 118 pixels, 1 MB
Banner on the right (vertical format = skyscraper): maximum size 160 x 600 pixels, 1 MB
Background image: maximum size 2048 x 1536 pixels, 1 MB

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