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Doodle Wizard API

Doodle is a web-based poll service. The creation, modification, and deletion of a poll as well as the participation in one are generally manual, browser-based processes.

Web sites that would like to let their users easily create new polls that correspond to the content of the web page can simply pre-fill the Doodle wizard through an HTML link or an HTML form. A user can still make modifications or even cancel the creation of the poll.
URL/form parameters
As usual, the URL with which the Doodle wizard is invoked is or that of a Premium Doodle instance such as
All parameters are optional. Nevertheless, at least the following one should be included in the HTTP GET request or in the HTTP POST request:
·       type (e.g., „type=date“ or „type=text“, default: date)
The following parameters can always be included, independent of the parameter “type”:
  • levels (e.g., „levels=2“ for a Yes-No poll and „levels=3“ for a Yes-NoIfneedbe poll, default: 2)
·       locale (e.g., „locale=de“ or „locale=en“)
·       title (e.g., „title=“When and where?“)
·       location(e.g., „location=At my Office“)
·       description (e.g., „description=yada, yada, yada“)
·       name (e.g., „name=Paul“)
·       eMailAddress (e.g., „“). Note: This only works with a POST request.
·       hidden (e.g., „hidden=true“ for a hidden poll, default: false)
If type=date:
·       yyyymmdd= (e.g., „20090622=“)
·       yyyymmdd=time1 (e.g., „20090623=8AM“)
·       yyyymmdd=time1||time2||… (e.g., „20090624=morning||afternoon“),  Pipes (|) have to be encoded as %7C in URLs.
The following parameters can also be included but are ignored when the user is not logged into a Premium Doodle account:
·       askAddress (e.g., „askAddress=true“, default: false)
·       askEmail (e.g., „askEmail=true“, default: false)
·       askPhone (e.g., „askPhone=true“, default: false)
Date poll with three options  Prequel&name=Peter Muster&20090702=&20090704=&20090706=
·       Date poll: type=date
·       Language German: locale=de
·       Title: title=Blockbuster Prequel
·       User: name=Peter Muster
·       Times (July 2nd 2009, July 4th 2009, July 6th 2009): 20090702=&20090704=&20090706=
Additionally, send the two confirmation messages to the user (only works with a POST-request:
·  Prequel&name=Peter  Muster&20090702=&20090704=&20090706=&eMailAddress=peter

Text poll with four options éjeuner&name=Pierre  Echantillon&option1=Lasagne&option2=Pasta&option3=Pizza&option4=Polenta
·       Text poll: type=text
·       Language French: locale=fr
·       Title: title=Déjeuner
·       User: name=Pierre Echantillon
·       Options (Lasagne, Pasta, Pizza, Polenta): option1=Lasagne&option2=Pasta&option3=Pizza&option4=Polenta
Additionally, describe the poll in more detail:
·       description=répondez s’il vous plait éjeuner&name=Pierre  Echantillon&option1=Lasagne&option2=Pasta&option3=Pizza&option4=Pole nta &description= répondez+s’il+vous+plaît

Ifneedbe date poll with four times type=date&levels=3&locale=en&title=Kickoff Meeting&name=Off Kicker &20090703=815||1015||1115&20090705=1PM
·       Date poll: type=date
·       Ifneedbe poll: levels=3
·       Language English: locale=en
·       Title: title=Kickoff Meeting
·       User: name=Off Kicker
·       Times (July 3rd 2009 at 8:15 AM, July 3rd 2009 at 10:15 AM, July 3rd 2009 at 11:15 AM, July 5th 2009 at 1:00 PM): 20090703=815||1015|| 1115&20090705=1PM
Additionally, send the two confirmation messages to the user and describe the poll in more detail:
·       description=The agenda for our meeting is… type=date&levels=3&locale=en&title=Kickoff Meeting&name=Off  Kicker&20090703=815||1015| |1115&20090705=1PM&eMailAddress=off.kicker agenda for our meeting is...


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