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A message is showing, saying I need to update my browser.

If you are using Firefox 17 or higher, please read here.
If you are using IE 8 or higher, please continue reading here.

You are using an outdated browser. Probably Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox <17, browsers which are no longer supported by Doodle. Please upgrade your browser to a newer version in order to use Doodle.

As IE 7 and other older browsers aren't displaying Doodle polls correctly anymore, we are now redirecting users with those browser versions to a minimalist Doodle version that allows participating in polls.

Note that everybody will still be able to participate, either with the full-featured Doodle because they have a modern browser or with the minimalist Doodle because they have an outdated browser.

To have full admin functionality and to view the poll result you need an up-to-date browser (IE 8 or higher, Firefox 17 or higher, Google Chrome, …).

We're sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Thanks for using Doodle!

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