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How can I schedule an event with people in different time zones?

Enabling time-zone support

When scheduling an event with classic view (basic calendar):
At Wizard Step 2 (after selecting the dates and clicking "Next") you see a link "Switch-on time-zone support" (above time fields). Click this link to activate time-zone support. Check if your time-zone is selected. If not, change it (click on "Change" and adjust the pull downs).
When scheduling an event with calendar view:
At Wizard Step 2 you see a pull down with the time-zone above the calendar grid. Time-zone support is already activated. You can change the time-zone manually in case your time-zone is not selected (simply adjust the pull downs).

With the iPhone App the time-zone support is activated automatically as well.

How it works

The time-zone is set automatically according to your location (IP-Address). If you have set the time-zone in your Doodle account profile, it will override the one resolved from your IP-Address.
To be sure to use the correct time-zone I advise you to use a free Doodle account and set the time-zone there.
If you don't have an account yet, open a free account first. Then log in to the account and set the time-zone here.
Time zone: -> select YOUR time-zone
Click 'Save'.
As for your participants:
Doodle automatically sets the correct time-zone for each of your participants. Your time options will be displayed corresponding to where they are located (again according to their IP address or Doodle account setting).
E. g. you set up a poll in San Francisco and propose e. g. 10 am. A participant who lives in London will see 6 pm.
The participants open the participation-link and see a time-zone pulldown above the poll. There they could change their time-zone in case it is not correct.
Advise your participants to check the time-zone pulldown before participating. It always should show THEIR time-zone.

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