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How do I edit my Sign-up sheet?

Easily manage sign-up sheets by editing, adding, or deleting sessions. Make adjustments and save with a simple click.

Sign-up sheet organizers can edit the details on existing sessions, add more sessions, or delete existing sessions.



  1. Open your sign-up sheet

  2. Click ‘Edit’

  3. Make any necessary adjustments

  4. Click ‘Update’ to save your adjustments

Please note: If you need to edit a sign-up sheet after you have closed the shared the sign-up sheet and/or closed the browser tab, you will need to open your sign-up sheet from the link found in the 'Your Sign-up sheet is live' email.





Good to know:

  • Editing a sign-up sheet does not change the URL of the sign-up sheet.

  • You can delete a session with enrollment. The affected sign-up sheet participants will receive a confirmation email indicating the canceled session.



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