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Sign-up Sheet FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Sign-up Sheets. Learn how to find your sign-up sheet, track participation, and more.

FAQ for Sign-up Sheet Organizers

Where can find my Sign-up Sheet?

You can locate your sign up sheets under the 'My Doodles' section of the new dashboard.



How will I know if someone participates in my Sign-up Sheet?

To view your participation in a session, please read this article. Currently, organizers are not informed about participation activity via email. We will evaluate adding it as a post-Beta enhancement.


Where can I find the video conferencing link to my session?

Video conferencing links per session are only available in the calendar invite. Adding video conferencing links to the Sign-up Sheet environment is scheduled for a future enhancement.


What is the maximum number of sessions I can add to my Sign-up Sheet?

The maximum number of sessions allowed per sign-up sheet is 99.


Can I create a Sign-up Sheet without a Doodle account?

No, organizers need to be enabled access to Sign-up Sheets and logged in to their Doodle account to create a sign-up sheet. We are not supporting anonymous creation at this time.


Can I export Sign-up Sheet participation to CSV?

Exporting participation data to CSV is currently unavailable.


Can I delete a sign-up sheet?

Yes, you can delete a sign-up sheet. To delete a sign-up sheet:

  1. Open the sign-up sheet you wish to delete

  2. Click the three-dot icon

  3. Select 'Delete'

  4. Confirm your selection by clicking 'Delete' in the popup window


The option to delete a sign-up sheet directly from the Dashboard Beta is being built and is expected to be released in Q1 2024.



FAQ for Sign-up Sheet Participants

Can anyone participate in a sign-up sheet?

Currently, participants need to be logged in to their Doodle account to view and submit selections for the sign-up sheet. We will provide anonymous participation capabilities as a post-Beta enhancement.


Can I participate in a Sign-up Sheet anonymously?

Currently, participants need to be logged in to their Doodle account to participate in a sign-up sheet. Anonymous participation is a planned enhancement and will be released after the start of the beta.


Can participants edit their selections?

Currently, participants can edit their sign-up sheet votes after they have submitted their response to the event organizer using the confirmation email they receive after they participate. To find the sign-up sheet participation confirmation, they will need to look in their inbox for an email titled ‘Your booking for [EVENT NAME]’.


I participated in a sign-up sheet and do not see it on my Dashboard. Where can I find the information?

Currently, the sessions you register for from an event organizer's sign-up sheets are not visible on the classic Dashboard. However, the sessions you register for from an event organizer's sign-up sheets are visible on the new Dashboard.


In the future, your sign-up sheets will be visible on your Dashboard as a Beta enhancement. If you are using the classic dashboard, you find your sign-up sheet participation information in your inbox in an email titled ‘Your booking for [EVENT NAME]’


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