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How is the new dashboard organized?

Discover the new Doodle dashboard with organized sections: My Doodles and Upcoming Events. Easily manage and share events and invitations.

The new Doodle dashboard is organized into two sections:

  • My Doodles

  • Upcoming Events


About My Doodles

My Doodles are defined as invitations that have links you can share. This includes:

  • the events you have created and are not yet booked

  • Your booking page(s)



About Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events are defined as events you have scheduled using Doodle. This includes:

  • The events you created and booked.

  • Events you booked with other Doodle users.



Good to know:

  • Your first six events under the ‘My Doodles’ section are always visible.

  • To manage your events in the ‘My Doodles’ section, click on the three dot icon and select the action you wish to take from the revealed menu.

  • To manage your events in the ‘Upcoming Events’ section, click on the title of the event.

  • If you have more than six active events under ‘My Doodles’, click ‘See all Doodles’ to reveal all active Doodles. Click ‘Back’ to return to the Dashboard home screen.




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