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How do I share a Doodle event from my dashboard?

Easily share your Doodle event with a click! Find the event, copy the link, and send it to via email, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, and more.

Sharing a Doodle event from your dashboard has never been easier!


Step by step:

  1. Locate the event tile under My Doodles.

  2. Click ‘Copy link’.

  3. Send the link to your invitee(s).



Good to know:

  • If you edit your event, the link remains unchanged.

  • Most Doodle users send the link via email, but you can also share it via:

    • Slack

    • Microsoft Teams

    • WhatsApp

    • Your email signature

    • Company website

    • Corporate directory

    • Much more!

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