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Learn tips and tricks for making your booking page the best it can be!


Doodle's Booking Page is a web-based appointment booking tool. With Booking Page, you set the rules that define your availability, share your unique Booking Page link and allow anyone to book with you quickly and easily. There’s a ton of flexibility and functionality available with Booking Page, and following these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your booking page.


Customize Booking Page link

When you create a booking page, the title of your booking page is used to create your default booking page link. However, this link is editable, so you can shorten it or add more information to it so that it is exactly how you want it to be.


To edit your booking page link, click into the editable field and make your adjustments!


Set a booking horizon

The default setting for each booking page is to allow your participants the option to book as far into the future as they would like. You can control how far into the future your booking page participants can schedule a meeting with you by adjusting the future booking horizon.


To change the booking horizon:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu under ‘What’s the date range?’

  2. Select how far into the future you want people to be able to book

Alternately, you can apply a custom date range, and only the available times within the prescribed date range will be offered.


Apply booking intervals

You can provide your booking page participants greater flexibility by offering a custom booking interval. The default booking interval is the same as your event duration, so if you are offering a 30 minute meeting, an option will be provided at the top and bottom of each hour. However, if you select a 10 minute booking interval, you will offer a 30 minute meeting window beginning every 10 minutes.


To apply a booking interval:

  1. Click to expand your ‘power settings’ menu

  2. Click the dropdown menu under ‘Booking intervals’

  3. Select your booking interval


Set buffer times between bookings

Back-to-back meetings aren’t for everyone. If you like too have a little time in between meetings to go over notes, or to ensure that you won’t be late to your next meeting in case the earlier meeting runs long, or simply want to have a little time to yourself, Booking Page’s buffer time setting has you covered.


To add a buffer time setting:

  1. Click to expand your ‘power settings’ menu

  2. Click the dropdown menu under ‘Buffer time between bookings’

  3. Select your buffer time


Apply a minimum advance notice

Some folks want to get the earliest possible meeting with their target audience. Others want to guarantee they have ample time to prepare for their next meeting. Booking Page has you covered either way.


To apply a minimum advance notice:

  1. Click to expand your ‘power settings’ menu

  2. Click the dropdown menu under ‘Minimum advance notice’

  3. Select your minimum advance notice


Set a daily booking max

Just because you want to make it easy on your clients and colleagues to book time with you doesn’t mean you don’t own your calendar or your time. With Booking Page’s maximum bookings per day setting, you can confidently publish your booking page link without worrying about your calendar being taken over one meeting at a time.


To set a daily booking max:

  1. Click to expand your ‘power settings’ menu

  2. Enter the maximum number of meetings you want added to your calendar each day under ‘Maximum bookings per day for this page’

Once the maximum threshold is reached, no additional meetings can be added to that date via you booking page.


Scan multiple calendars for availability

In addition to the option to connect multiple calendars to your Doodle account, and can scan multiple calendars for availability from your booking page. Now you can confidently propose times without worrying about your next meeting conflicting with a different calendar.


To scan multiple calendars for availability:

  1. Click ‘Change calendars’

  2. Select the calendar(s) you want Doodle to scan for availability

  3. Click ‘Save’


Create custom questions

With Booking Page, you can ask your meeting participants to provide answers to your questions before confirming a booking time with you. This ensures that you will come to the meeting with all the information you need to succeed.


To create custom questions:

  1. Click ‘Add’ from the ‘Custom invite fields’ section

  2. Type your question

  3. Check the ‘Required’ box or leave it blank depending on your needs


Join the Doodle Community

At Doodle, we strive to make scheduling solutions that put people first, and there is no better way to make sure that what we build and what we do works as best it can than to bring the Doodle user community together.


If you use Doodle as your scheduling solution, please join our Doodle Community! Doodle Community is a Slack channel meant to bring like-minded Doodle users together to share ideas and get on the inside track for the latest news happening at Doodle.


Members of the Doodle Community will enjoy the following benefits:

  • First access to test new features

  • First access for invitations to product and feature betas

  • Moderated conversations to help you get the most out of your Doodle Plan

  • Provide feedback that will shape the Doodle product


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