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I can only see a white page. No polls etc.

There can be various reasons such as the use of an old browser, the use of an antivirus software, or a flaky mobile/wireless connection. 

Note: If you're on a Wi-Fi or mobile broadband connection, check that your connection is up and working reliably. If in doubt, try again later or in a different network environment.

Please check the following steps:

1. Check that your browser is up-to-date.
Read here about system requirements for Doodle.

2. Be sure that JavaScript is activated and working. We talk about JavaScript and not Java.
This page shows you if JavaScript is enabled and if not how to enable it:

3. If you are using browser extensions that block certain JavaScript files, e.g. NoScript, please make sure to whitelist as well as and

4. Try deleting your cache and cookies:
Read here how to delete your browser cache.
Read here how to delete your browser cookies.

5. Be sure that you allow cookies.
Read here how to enable browser cookies.

6. Are you using an adblocker?
Disable your adblocker when using Doodle or add an exception.
We kindly inform you that our terms exclude the use of adblocker officially:
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7. Try another browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, ...) If it works in another browser, we kindly ask you to report the issue to us. It is then very likely that we are currently having a software error that only affects a certain browser. 

Now try again. Is it working now? 

What you can do, if it is still not working:?

1. If you are using browser add-ons, temporarily turn off your browser add-ons and try again.

In case it is working now, turn on the add-ons one after another to see which add-on interferes.
Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance is interfering with Doodle. You need to deactivate the add-on if you want to use Doodle.

2. If you are using proxies, turn the use of proxies off and try again.

3. If you are using an antivirus software, temporarily turn off your antivirus software and try again.
If it is working now it means that your antivirus software interferes with Doodle. In this case please contact the antivirus software company.

4. Try a different browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, ...).

If you still need help, please contact us using our contact form. Please add a screenshot of what you see (the whole page) and explain what you yet tried (cleared cache, which browsers etc...). Add in your email any details that might help to identify the issue.

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