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How do I connect my calendar with Doodle?

See your own appointments when creating and participating in group polls, 1:1s, and booking pages, and have your Doodle appointments sync directly to your calendar. 

Some important information before connecting:

  • No one else will have access to your calendar - your appointments are only visible to you.

  • You can connect Google, Office 365, and Apple iCloud Calendars to Doodle.

  • You can connect a maximum of 10 calendars from each calendar provider with your Doodle account. 

Check out the short video below, or keep reading for more information: 


Google Calendar

  • Go to your Doodle account settings.
  • Select "Connected Calendars" from the left-side menu.
  • Click the "Google" button.
  • Log into your Google account.
  • Allow access. 


Office 365 Calendars

  • Go to your Doodle account settings
  • Select "Connected Calendars" from the left side menu
  • Click the 'Office 365' button
  • Log into your Microsoft account.
  • Allow access.



Note: It is unfortunately not possible to connect with calendars that are hosted on-premises. For example, with on-premise Microsoft Exchange.


Apple iCloud Calendar

Note: This calendar has several names depending on where you use it: iCloud Calendar, Apple Calendar, or iCal. They all refer to the same type of calendar and we will refer to them as iCloud Calendar. 

Connecting your iCloud Calendar requires a few additional steps. Consult our detailed step-by-step guide on how to connect your iCloud Calendar here. 





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