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SCIM for Enterprise

IT admins of Enterprise organisations are often tasked with the on- and off boarding of employees. This includes adding and removing them from all applications that are used by the employees under the company name. 

With SCIM - System for  Cross-domain Identity Management - IT admins will have the ability to manage and sync user data for all these applications in one place. This simplifies the on and off boarding process, creates an overview over user information, reduces possible errors and inconsistencies in identity management, and strengthens security.  


What you can do with SCIM 

  • Add new users to your Doodle Premium subscription 

  • Sync user data between your IDP (Okta, Azure, Onelogin etc) and the Doodle system  

  • Remove users from your Doodle Premium subscription 

Requirements for using SCIM

  • An active Doodle Enterprise Premium subscription.  

  • SSO enabled for Doodle - more information on SSO here

Setting up SCIM for Doodle 

  1. Make sure you have SSO enabled for your Doodle subscription

  2. You should have received an invitation to SCIM BETA in your admin email address. From there, you can contact us in order to get a unique token for your organisation. If you didn't receive the email, contact us here. 

  3. A dedicated Customer Success representative will help you set up SCIM on your preferred IDP


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