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Missing Group Poll functionalities

Long-term users of Doodle might have noticed that certain Doodle functionalities that used to be available are no longer there - This article presents some of these features and gives suggestions for workarounds that could work for you in the absence of the desired functionality. 

We are working hard on returning some of these functionalities. Anything in particular you would like to see again? Let us know here. 


Surveys (text polls or questionnaires):

Currently, we do not offer the option to create surveys or text polls. With Doodle, you can create Group Polls, 1:1s, and Booking Pages.  


Multiple final options: 

Currently, it is not possible to select multiple final options for your Group Poll. You can select one final option per Group Poll.

Read more about selecting the final option here.


Multi-day/multiday Group Polls: 

Currently, it is not possible to set up multi-day Group Polls. You can set up your Group Poll in both Week or Monthly view. Each time slot can be customized in duration, or you can select separate all-day slots.

Read more about setting up your Group Poll here. 


Printing your Group Poll:

Currently, it is not possible to print your Group Poll directly from Doodle. However, Doodle Pro users can export group polls to an Excel file, which you can print.

Read more about exporting your Group Poll to an Excel file here.

Exporting your Group Poll to an Excel file is a Doodle Professional feature. 


Voting on behalf of others: 

Currently, it is not possible to vote on behalf of others while viewing the Group Poll from your Doodle account. However, you can open your Group Poll in a private tab/incognito mode, and then you can vote as someone else (copy the URL of your Group Poll and open it in a private tab/incognito mode). Note that you'd have to add the email address of the person you'd like to vote for.

Read more about how to participate in Group Polls here. 


Limiting participants to one vote:

Currently, it is not possible to limit each participant to one vote in your Group Poll. If it fits your use case, you can use Doodle's 1:1 tool instead. With Doodle's 1:1 each time slot can only be selected by one participant. When the participant has selected a time slot, the meeting is instantly booked. 

Read more about how to set up a 1:1 here. 

Doodle's 1:1 is a Doodle Professional feature. 


Editing other participants' votes:

Currently, it is not possible to edit the votes of other participants in your Group Poll. However, the participants can easily edit their own votes.

Read more about how participants can edit their votes here. 



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